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Henna and photography done by Draughtsman/Draughtsman.


Sisters Henna.

The henna of both sisters were done at the same time to represent the closeness of their bond.

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Mafdet is an early Egyptian goddess that predates Bast and Sekhmet. Little is known about Mafdet, but some believe that she is the first of the feline goddesses in Egypt. She has the the body of a female and the head of a feline - usually a lynx, leopard, cat, or cheetah - and has snakes and braided scorpion tails for hair. She is considered to be a protectress against snakebites and the stings of scorpions, and was often called upon to aid afflicted persons with such wounds. Furthermore, it is also believed that she was a goddess of judgement, justice, and execution. (x) (x)

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